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Cheristin, Vectra 3D, And Trifexis!!!

We are now carrying new flea and heartworm preventatives.

Cheristin is the new and improved flea prevention formula for cats. It goes on topically like the Frontline Plus did but it works faster and longer! The ingredients are newer so we are seeing less flea resistance. (OTC)

Vectra 3D is a flea preventative for dogs! It is a topical ointment that goes from the base of the tail to in between the shoulder blades. This makes it spread out faster and start working in a matter of just a couple hours. (OTC)

Trifexis is the new heartworm medication for dogs that also treats fleas and most intestinal parasites! It is the best all in one medication wrapped up into a single tablet that you give once a month, year round. The tablet is chewable and flavored so that you can just give it to your dog as a treat :) We also recommend giving a full meal at least 15 minutes before giving the tablet so that it stays in the system longer! (Prescription)

If you have any questions about any of the above products please call our office (513) 422-0615.

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